SonicWall Content Filtering Service Premium Business Edition for the NSv 400 – 1 Year

SonicWall Content Filtering Service Premium Business Edition for the NSv 400 – 1 Year

SonicWALL SSL-VPN Gateway
With Ethernet connections, give your home or small office network speeds of up to 10Mbps per port.
Easily create a secure network to connect your servers and workstations with this 7 ports Firewall.


The design, implementation and deployment of modern network architectures, such virtualization and cloud, continue to be a game-changing strategy for many organizations. Virtualizing the data center, migrating to the cloud, or a combination of both, have demonstrated significant operational and economic advantages. However, vulnerabilities within virtual environments are well-documented. New ones are discovered regularly that yield serious security implications and challenges. To ensure application services are delivered safely, efficiently and in a scalable manner, while combating threats harmful to all parts of the virtual framework including virtual machines (VM), application workloads and data must be among the top priorities.

SonicWall Network Security virtual (NSv) Buy firewalls in Hyderabad Telangana help security teams reduce these types of security risks and vulnerabilities, which can cause serious disruption to your business-critical services and operations. With full-featured security tools and services including reassemblyfree deep packet inspection (RFDPI), security controls and networking services equivalent to what a SonicWall physical firewall provides, NSv effectively shield all critical components of your private/ public cloud environments.

NSv is easily deployed and provisioned in a multi-tenant virtual environment, typically between virtual networks (VNs). This allows it to capture communications and data exchanges between virtual machines for automated breach prevention, while establishing stringent access control measures for data confidentiality and VMs safety and integrity. Security threats (such as cross-virtual-machine or sidechannel attacks and common networkbased intrusions and application and protocol vulnerabilities) are neutralized successfully through SonicWall’s comprehensive suite of security inspection services1 . All VM traffic is subjected to multiple threat analysis engines, including intrusion prevention, gateway anti-virus and anti-spyware, cloud anti-virus, botnet filtering, application control and Capture Advanced Threat Protection multi-engine sandboxing.  

Segmentation Security

For optimal effectiveness against Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), network security segmentation must apply an integrated set of dynamic, enforceable barriers to advanced threats. With segment-based security capabilities, NSv can group similar interfaces and apply the same policies to them, instead of having to write the same policy for each interface. By applying security policies to the inside of the VN, segmentation can be configured to organize network resources into different segments, and allow or restrict traffic between those segments. This way, access to critical internal resources can be strictly controlled.

NSv can automatically enforce segmentation restrictions based upon dynamic criteria, such as user identity credentials, geo-IP location and the security stature of mobile endpoints. For extended security, NSv it also capable of integrating multi-gigabit network switching into its security segment policy and enforcement. It directs segment policy to traffic at switching points throughout the network, and globally manage segment security enforcement from a single pane of glass.

Since segments are only as effective as the security that can be enforced between them, NSv applies intrusion prevention service (IPS) to scan incoming and outgoing traffic on the VLAN segment to enhance security for internal network traffic. For each segment, it enforces a full range of security services on multiple interfaces based on enforceable policy.

Flexible Deployment Use Cases 

With infrastructure support for high availability (HA) implementation, NSv fulfills scalability and availability requirements of Software Defined Data Centers (SDDC). It ensures system resiliency, service reliability, and regulatory conformance. Optimized for broad range of public, private and hybrid deployment use cases, NSv can adapt to service-level changes and ensure VMs and their application workloads and data assets are available, as well as secure. It can do it all at multi-Gbps speed and low latency. 

Organizations gain all the security advantages of a physical firewall, with the operational and economic benefits of virtualization. This includes system scalability, operation agility, provisioning speed, simple management and cost reduction.

The NSv Series is available in multiple virtual flavors carefully packaged for broad range of virtualized and cloud deployment use cases. Delivering multigigabit threat prevention and encrypted traffic inspection performance, the NSv Series can adapt to capacity-level increases and ensure VNs safety and application workloads and data assets are available as well as secure.


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