Fortinet FortiAnalyzer-1000D / FAZ-1000D , 4TB, 6x GE RJ45 Ports, Up to 2000 Devices (any FortiGate Model), Rack Mountable

Fortinet FortiAnalyzer-1000D / FAZ-1000D , 4TB, 6x GE RJ45 Ports, Up to 2000 Devices (any FortiGate Model), Rack Mountable

Fortinet FortiAnalyzer 1000D Network Security/Firewall Appliance
Gigabit Ethernet port for ultra-fast network speeds.
Rackmountable feature for convenient and safe installation of Firewall.
Easily create a secure network to connect your servers and workstations with this 6 ports Firewall.


The FortiAnalyzer™-1000D Centralized Logging and Reporting Appliances designed for medium to large organizations securely Aggregates, Analyzes, and Reports on your network log data gathered from Fortinet devices and other syslog-compatible devices. Over 300 customizable graphical reports help you measure your policy compliance, monitor acceptable use policies, identify attack patterns, and comply with regulations regarding privacy and disclosure of security breaches.

FortiAnalyzer-1000D Security Reporting Features & Benefits

  • Over 550 reports and customizable charts help monitor and maintain identify attack patterns, acceptable use policies, and demonstrate policy compliance
  • Network capacity and utilization data reporting allow you to plan and manage networks more efficiently
  • Scalable architecture allows the device to run in collector or analyzer modes for optimized log processing
  • Advanced features such as event correlation, forensic analysis, and vulnerability assessment provide essential tools for in-depth protection of complex networks
  • Secure data aggregation from multiple FortiGate® and FortiMail™ security appliances provides network-wide visibility and compliance
  • 8 TB of on-device log data capacity with built-in RAID storage options for policy compliance and forensic analysis
  • Up to 1,000 logs/second with support for up to 2,000 devices in standalone mode

Enhanced Visibility With FortiAnalyzer Platforms
FortiAnalyzer platforms integrate network logging, analysis, and reporting into a single system, delivering increased knowledge of security events throughout your network. They provide organizations of any size with centralized security event analysis, forensic research, reporting, content archiving, data mining, malicious file quarantining and vulnerability management. Centralized collection, correlation, and analysis of geographically and chronologically diverse security data from Fortinet appliances and third-party devices deliver a simplified, consolidated view of your security posture. The FortiAnalyzer family minimizes the effort required to monitor and maintain acceptable use policies, as well as identify attack patterns to help you fine tune your policies. In addition, FortiAnalyzer platforms provide detailed data capture for forensic purposes to comply with policies regarding privacy and disclosure of information security breaches.

Security Event Information Management
You can put time back in your day by deploying a FortiAnalyzer platform into your security infrastructure, creating a single view of your security events, archived content, and vulnerability assessments. FortiAnalyzer platforms accept a full range of data from Fortinet solutions, including traffic, event, virus, attack, content filtering, and email filtering data. It eliminates the need to manually search multiple log files or manually analyze multiple consoles when performing forensic analysis or network auditing. A FortiAnalyzer platform’s central data archiving, file quarantine and vulnerability assessment further reduce the amount of time you need to spend managing the range of security activity in your enterprise or organization.

Vulnerability Management
Fortinet offers an enhanced scanning capability that utilizes a dynamic signature dataset to detect devices on your network, catalog vulnerabilities, and recommend remediation. Additional capabilities include device discovery, mapping, asset definition and prioritization, and customized reporting. An optional Vulnerability Management subscription provides frequent updates developed by the  FortiGuard Labs with up-to-date vulnerability scan data to keep abreast of current threats.


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