Fortinet FortiAI 3500F Network Security Appliance2 Port1000Base-TGigabit Ethernet2 x RJ-452URack-mountable FAI-3500F

Fortinet FortiAI 3500F Network Security Appliance2 Port1000Base-TGigabit Ethernet2 x RJ-452URack-mountable FAI-3500F

Fortinet FortiAI 3500F Network Security Appliance

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Fortinet FortiAI 3500F Network Security Appliance
FortiAI is the present-day AI-driven breach protection technology designed for Security Operation (SecOps) teams to guard against the advanced persistent threats through a trained Virtual Security Analyst that helps you identify, classify, and analyze the malware including those well-camouflaged. FortiAI uses Advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) & ANN (Artificial Neural Network) patent-pending based technology to provide zero time threat prevention by harnessing deep learning technologies, and assist you in designing an orchestrated response to remediate different breeds of synthesized threats and infections. Based on years of mindful FortiGuard Labs research, FortiAI reduces the “time to detect” significantly to protect your enterprise and customers.


AI-Powered Cyber Attacks

Infectious AI-enthusiasts disrupting the cybersecurity market through automated attacks designed to identify every minuscule threat vulnerabilities in your SOC

The Elephant Flow of Data

The increasingly complex data architecture putting weight on your security operations to identify multiple breeds of attack scenarious in different environments

Disguised Malware

Carefully crafted security threats to penetrate your enterprise systems and decieve your SOC through camouflage of malware behaviors

Shortage of Cyber Security Experience

Experience is the hardest thing to acquire in Cyber Security, especially in breach analysis and malware research experience

Key Features

  • Virtual Security Analyst powered by a Deep Learning AI model to augment your organizations’ Security Operations (SecOps) by mimicking experienced Security Analyst to investigate threats and surface malware outbreak
  • Mature AI that applies 6+ million malware features to achieve sub-second verdict for day-1 deployment with capacity to learn new features
  • On-Premise Learning to reduce false positive by analyzing an organization’s specific traffic and adapting to newly disguised threats
  • Reduces malware detection time from minutes to subsecond
  • FortiAI’s Deep Learning aka Deep Neural Networks using ANN(s) to scientifically analyze file/fileless-based threats based on constant evolving learning algorithm to expose a threat even if it tries to disguise itself


The State of the Art – Artificial Neural Network (ANN)

The state of the art ANN is pre-trained in FortiGuard labs with 20mil+ clean and malicious files, and further learning is done on premise. Updates of ANN model is available from FortiGuard network to ensure customers are protected against the latest threats. Responsible for classifying malware type into 20+ attack scenarios, and AI-based engine for tracing source of attacks, emulating how a human brain operates

AI-driven breach protection with multi-task threat learning framework to incorporate complex security needs into a single high-performance network security appliance

Using Machine Learning and Neural Network technology, the Multilayer Detection approach provides deep machine learning capabilities before post infection damages are caused by the modern day AI-powered cyber attacks

Pre-trained in FortiGuard labs with millions of known clean and malicious samples forming billions of clean and malicious features, which is used to scientifically decide malware and attack type specific to your organizations’ security environment

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